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[January] Mystery Bake Box Sale

[January] Mystery Bake Box Sale

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Putting a slight Chinese New Year spin on the usual favourites! This bake box comprises 6 different items.

Image is for reference only.

Menu for 21 Jan:

An assortment of 8 items from the following:
- Chocolate orange fudge brownie
- Peach and berries fudge blondie
- Chocolate nian gao cookie
- “Red velvet” nian gao cookie
- Matcha black sesame cookie
- Matcha nutella cookie
- Chocolate pistachio butter cookie
- Chocolate peanut butter cookie
- Hojicha cashew butter cookie


Care Instructions: Store refrigerated and consume within 3 days or freeze to keep for longer. Cookies can be reheated gently if preferred warm. (: